About Us

This site has been put together by enthusiasts for enthusiasts - this is not a commercial undertaking by any stretch of the imagination, but I’d very much appreciate your showing your support for the site by buying the products we offer here through our various partners! spreading the word.

I’d also be very happy if you agreed to share your work with other modellers through this site - see our submissions page for details.

While much of the work has been done by me, none of this would have been possible without the assistance of all the layout designers out there who have either agreed to let me publish their plans here or have just inspired me with my own plans.

A special “Thank You”, though, must go to Carl Arendt and Jack Trollope.

Carl’s the man who first proved to me that you need no space at all to build a model railway, Carl’s Squarefoot Estate Railway is a masterpiece of micro layout design, as it’s a G scale model in less than a square foot.

Jack’s a veritable bloodhound with a knack for tracking down excellent plans on the internet as well as being an excellent designer in his own right. He introduced me to Model Trains International magazine, for which I am exceedingly grateful.

Emrys Hopkins
September 2005