"Berlin - a transition module" by Geren W. Mortensen

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© Geren W Mortensen

Geren W. Mortensen is planning (and building) a series of modules that go together to create a larger layout but that work perfectly well on their own - a great way to build up to a large layout of your own.

Geren models in On30 scale and so can plan for 9″ radius curves with O scale scenery.

Geren wrote: “Attached is a version of the ‘transition module’ meant to be used between the “Salisbury Loop” and the “Crisfield Industrial” plans. In addition to making a transition, this module can stand on it’s own as a small shunting layout. This is the town of Berlin.

“Some changes are made to the “Crisfield Industrial” track plan to accomodate this module. First, the entire plan is pushed “back” on the module so that the lead track (which enters from the upper right of the “Crisfield” plan) is 3 inches on center from the back of the layout. A meandering branch is added to the front of the “Crisfield” module, 3 inches from the front, which may join another module at a later date.”

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