"Crisfield Industrial Park" by Geren W Mortensen

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© Geren W Mortensen

Geren W. Mortensen is planning (and building) a series of modules that go together to create a larger layout but that work perfectly well on their own - a great way to build up to a large layout of your own.

Geren models in On30 scale and so can plan for 9″ radius curves with O scale scenery.

Geren wrote: “Here’s a design I whipped up for a shelf layout, which I’ve called the Crisfield Industrial Park. It incorporates an Inglenook section, among other things.

“Basically, a train of one engine, one passenger car, 5 freight cars and a caboose roll into town from the upper right. The caboose is cut off, and the five freights are spotted on the upper side of the run-around track, and the passenger car is spotted on the lower side of the run-around track. The engine then inserts itself into the tail track on the upper left, and the Inglenook scenerio is run, leaving five cars to depart town. Some additional gyrations are performed to get the caboose and passenger car where they belong, the engine couples to the outbound end of the train, and the train heads back off the module to the upper right.”

Eventually, this module will be joined to Salisbury Loop via a transition module .

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