"Salisbury Loop" by Geren W. Mortensen

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©Geren W Mortensen

Geren W. Mortensen is planning (and building) a series of modules that go together to create a larger layout but that work perfectly well on their own - a great way to build up to a large layout of your own.

Geren models in On30 scale and so can plan for 9″ radius curves with O scale scenery.

Geren wrote: “Here’s another design I’ve been working on - construction is actually started on this. This one’s a loop plan, with a sorta timesaver flair. Eventually, the Crisfield Industrial module will be connected to the street track that runs off the left end of the street (see sceniced drawing to see where the street is) via a transition module, and a yard section will dangle from the lower right where a wye is starting to develop.”

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The unscenic version

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