"The Little Layout" by Geren W Mortensen

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© Geren W Mortensen

Geren W. Mortensen writes: “Some time ago, I was challenged to design a small, potentially portable, On30 layout that would provide interesting operation, and continuous running for display purposes. The result was something I called The Little Layout. The track plan turned out to be 3 feet by 8 feet, which is just the right size to fit on the tables provided at many train shows. The plan is my expansion of the now-famous Snowshoe and Gumstump track plan, also known as the original Gila Pacific.”

Geren’s website used to have an in-depth history of this plan (showing its evolution to the final form, plus a couple of suggestions for expanding the plan to fit a 5′ by 9′ baseboard). Geren’s converted this to a PDF file and has kindly agreed to me hosting a copy here (238kb file).

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