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2 comments to “Update”

  1. Emrys Hopkins Says:

    Don’t mind me - this is just here to (a) test that comments work and (b) to point out that you can post comments on any design.

  2. Glenn Hazel Says:

    It appears that everything is slow these days. I hope is just that hobbyists have put down the pencil and picked up the modeling knife.

    Carl Arendt’s site has done a lot to get people building layouts. A lot of talent went into designing layouts with under 4 square feet of space. I am not truly a fan of these layout. I did enjoy them.

    Now I would like to see some designing in a larger venue. I would like to see the squarefoot parameters of small radius, small loco, small cars move onto a larger area. A door size layout.

    I would hope designers refrain using the maximum radius possible for the width of the door. Typical (US) doors come in 30, 32, and thirty six inch widths with other sizes available. Think of how many 6″ radius turns there can be in a 32″ width.

    Trains would not have to be just shuttling back and forth. Tracks could meander between buildings of an industrial complex. Or follow several ridge lines enroute to the other end.

    The typical door is 78-80″ long, but can be easily shortened with common hand tools. Shortened, it can be stood on end and slid in the closet for storage. Mine was hung on the back of the bedroom door.

    A door can also be slid under a single bed. The outside frame will take screws to attach castors. Cross-pieces need to be added the full width for mounting folding leg sets.

    Glenn Hazel

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