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Usually showing a standard gauge and narrow gauge interchange of some sort, this category would also include two narrow gauge operations using different gauges.

"Caledonia Junction"

Posted on March 10th, 2002

Apologies for the poor quality of the plan - I’ll re-post it when I get around to drawing up a better version.

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Caledonia Junction © Emrys Hopkins

This plan was been inspired by the gift of a ‘00′ gauge train set to go with my 009 rolling stock. I felt that I would be struggling to build a station at which the Caledonian would have stopped, but I could put together a fictitious station through which the train may have been diverted due to engineering works …. I know it’s a bit thin - can you think of a better justification?

Anyway, the layout is simple an oval with hidden storage tracks, a looped though station with a couple of goods sidings and headshunts and a narrow gauge feeder line bringing down passengers and goods to the standard gauge. Minimum radii are 18″ on the standard gauge and 11″ for the narrow gauge line (surprisingly generous for me!).

Possible improvements: The next version of the plan will have a straighter standard gauge station. I’ll probably drop the narrow gauge line nearest the standard gauge station so that the NG station faces “north” rather than facing the standard gauge station building. Overall, though, I’m fairly happy with the plan.

"Long Yard Industrial District" by Carl Arendt

Posted on March 10th, 2002
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© Carl Arendt

A dual gauge layout from the master of micro-layouts, Carl Arendt.

Set in a busy industrial district, it models the interchange between a narrow and standard gauge line, with plenty of dual gauge track to keep it compact. One of the benefits of keeping your layout this small is the amount of detail you can add to each scene - in this case the crane is crying out to be motorised in some way.